Re-defining retail with digital experiences

Retailers need to digitize and redefine their in-store experience

Retail stores are being redefined to be more about experiences

The retail environments need to create better experience in the metting between customer and the product experts.
A place where the purchase journey can both start and end.

The online world is moving into the offline world

It is irrelevant for the consumer how many channels companies have. Their expectations are seamless in-store experiences, regardless if it is online or offline

Automated store experiences and relevant digital content

These are the two directions that technology advances in physical retail are moving into with data driven AI and innovative solutions.

Our IoT SaaS Solution

ClickSys has a superior SaaS solution that automize access and select approved content from various platforms and seamlessly integrate it in the physical environment via screens. Allowing retailers to respond quickly to sales opportunities and delivering engaging experiences based on data and tends.

Our secure and friction-free software enables relevant digital content to be exposed  in store through our digital hardware solutions. Our smart software is automatically updated in real-time and used to e.g drive more sales via user generated content, check stock balance or make a purchase.

By analyzing relevant KPI’s, retailers can track impact and cost-efficiently get right call to action. ClickSys also has capacity to implement tailor made solutions in-store and provide solutions to complete purchases.

Our Products

We've made intelligent products that help retailers digitalize, enhance the user experience and increase their conversion rates

Interactive Signage

Combined customer interaction with on-screen purchase options.


Order system for stores, events, restaurants and bars. Enable payment both direct and in mobile.

Digital Signage

Combine relevant content with geo based technology to provide the right offer in the right time for the customer.

Selfie Mirror

Capture relevant and engaging content – created by your customers. Run campaigns to drive sales and identify loyal customers.

Case Examples

Clinique Middle East

Sephora stands:
Dubai / Doha / Qatar

Touch screens built into stands in make-up stores. Educates and motivates customers with interactive tutorials and with live User Generated Content feed from Clinique’s Olapic account.


Purchase point in bars

Customers can see and order from a big range of products that are put in a relevant position based on trends and sales. Customers finish the purchase in their mobile and the order appears for the staff to make it ready for collect.

Matches Fashion

30th Year Anniversary: New York / London / Paris / Los Angeles

Inspiring Digital Signage solution on big video walls in the Matches Fashion anniversary tour events. Showing live User Generated Content from the events – channelized through their Olapic account.


In-store Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror outside fitting rooms in Bubblerooms stores that engage customers to take selfies when trying products. When adding their phone number they receive the photo and a voucher with a 10% discount.

A selection of our customers

"Was great working with you guys and thanks for the quick turnaround and "can-do" attitude." - Laurence Bresh Digital Consumer Marketing Director, Clinique

What we're about

Through our superior IoT SaaS solution, ClickSys enable retailers to leverage screens to optimize sales and digital experience in-store

We believe that integrating the digital landscape with the physical environment is a key need among all retailers, restaurants and public spaces. Our solution is to offer a unique interactive cloud based IoT software for hardware in physical environments and implementation capabilities.
This allows ClickSys to be the only actor providing a full solution specifically designed for the needs of retailers, restaurants and public spaces. Our experienced tech- driven team is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and we provide our services globally.

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