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Customers today are looking for more personalized and memorable experiences. The future of interactive content proves to be more important than ever before to reach, engage and convert customers.

Innovative content solutions that increase sales

We are ClickSys, a fast growing tech company that conceptualize forefront software and hardware solutions for interactive content creating engaging in-store environments. We provide a complete service, handling digital feeds and screens to interact with your audience to increase sales.

Our can-do attitude

1. We start out listening for your needs to customize a solution to achieve your goals to create brand experiences to increase conversion.

2. We customize and design our software and hardware for your concept to make sure that it fits your brand based on your style guide. Our software is easily adaptable with new modules and visual functions, we provide customized designs and finishes for our hardware digital screens to express your brand in the most amazing way.

3. Last but not least. We are always here as a full service partner. Our team are happy to collaborate, supply content management and support your specific needs. We follow you through the whole process, from idea to actual installation and operation.

& touch

Touch screen with a built-in camera that makes it possible to gather content created by the customer.

Generate earned content with Selfie mirror

We have generated many beautiful images from our collaborations with different fashion brands. Our Selfie Mirror placed in stores fitting rooms has captured a bunch of customers high quality selfies ready to be shared in social networks.

& kiosk

Touch screen that opens up for order, purchase and audience engagement opportunities.

Instore purchase solution

In collaboration with Bubbleroom we launched a Click & Collect service which made it possible to order from their online webshop in-store. In addition to this, customers could collect their online purchases in-store and this is an effective way to convert and increase sales.


Digital screens that shows visual feeds of campaigns, images, videos, customer generated content to inspire your audience.

Interact with your audience in a new way

In collaboration with Clinique we customized a software solution to expose visual feeds with campaign material and content created by customers. This was presented on existing digital signages in Clinique’s stores at different airports.

Selfie Mirror By ClickSys

Earned content is the most trusted and credible form of content for a brand. It drives engagement like never before and enables your brand to reach a wider audience. Earned content refers to any digital content that are produced and shared by your audience.

Our Selfie mirror makes it possible to generate photos a videos to interact directly with your fans and let them share what they love about your brand. Together with Olapic and your fans we create already approved images that are ready to be shared in social networks. Watch the video to find out more.

”Was great working with you guys and thanks for the quick turnaround and ”can-do” attitude.”

– Laurence Bresh
Digital Consumer Marketing Director

ClickSys is a Swedish startup company located in Stockholm providing our services globally. Each and every one of us represents the spirit of our company and our can-do-attitude. Our team is technology-driven and supply our clients high service from the very first meeting to build loyal customers. We are proud to collaborate with Olapic and other world wide partners which makes it possible for us to grow and do what we love. Which is to reach, engage and convert customers to help build strong brands.

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