ClickSys is a Swedish company that specialises in developing complete digital services and solutions that create exciting environments for retail, omni-channel and public spaces.

ClickSys has several years of experience in developing soft- and hardware to digitalise physical environments.

With our cloud-based solution and own development, technical and support team, we can offer a complete service where the soft- and hardware go hand-in-hand, where our clients always receive the best service.

We will together create a visual experience with real impact!

As you know, the conversion rate increase when the e-shopper can see customer-generated images, but how do you create content that actually converts? We at ClickSys has together with Olapic and Bubbleroom developed the world’s first physical omni-solution that makes it easy for customers to create content directly in your shop.

Contact us for more information and start receiving striking images!

As a specialist in the communication between online and offline, we have solutions for all areas. Whether it is an application, website, click and collect, e-commerce, back-office management systems and much more.

We will help you create and bring your ideas to life to reach better communication and sales.

Welcome to our offices in Stockholm and Borås, in Sweden.

Send us a message to and we will contact you, or call us directly at 010-199 40 30.

For support issues – please create a ticket through or call 010-199 40 30.